Oh Florence.. thank you, thank you for reminding me why I love traveling and why I’m incredibly happy to be alive. From the moment I stepped off the metro onto the streets of Florence, I knew I was going to love the city.

Let’s just start off with this, when we walked into the city center, there was 5 men playing beautiful Italian music on their violins. I could feel the joy of music and life in my bones. Felt like something you only see in the movies. I could feel the rush of joy come upon me. I was so happy to be standing in the middle of Florence, as the Italian life thrives around me. I could stand there for hours.

You know a city just resonates with you when you think, can it get any better than this? And then it actually does ….

These are the moments that make me love traveling, where you’re almost beside yourself because you can’t believe you’re living this amazing moment. You feel life, love, and happiness, and your mind clears of every worry or stress.

When I was in Florence I realized something about traveling…

So if you didn’t know I went to Bali a couple years ago, and if you know me you know how many times I say it changed my life and soul. The whole island sparked something in me. Well being that it was the only time I had been out of the US, blindly, I thought that’s what traveling felt like.

Turns out, only certain places make you feel a special way. Well all of Bali did that to me and so did Florence. These places I felt so drawn to.

It took me a while to figure out what it was about Bali that took my heart and to be honest I’m not quite sure what it is about Florence, but I will say I felt that spark again. The spark that makes you dance through the streets, pause, take a look around you and think WOW I’m living. That spark that makes you feel like you can take on the world, live freely and spread love into the air. Where you feel like you just can’t get enough.

I realized I’m not going to fall in love with every country or city I visit, but that’s what’s so amazing about traveling….. You continue to look and travel till you find those special places, the ones that bring so much life back into your soul sometimes it feels like too much to handle.

At least that’s my experience with traveling.

My experience consists of soaking up everything that comes my way, good and bad, because trust me, if there’s a good, there’s always some sort of bad that comes with it.

I believe life always balances itself out, so you’re reminded to be humble.

Back to Italy- I felt like I really let go, and went with the flow of everything but It’s also super natural for me. I only say this because beforehand, in Spain, for some time I felt this anxiousness and uneasiness. I’m not sure why, but there was almost this tiny foggy thin coating over my mind and it broke when I got to Italy, because mentally everything felt clear again.

It was like every little thing I saw was just beyond beautiful and I was reminded of the incredible beauty of the world.

When I think about this feeling, I know I also feel it back home too. In fact there are a lot of places in the U.S. that make me feel this way, which indeed makes me grateful for the life I have back home. Most of them consist of blasting music in the car to the beach, or getting smacked by huge waves and laughing so hard when Jazmin or I’s bathing suits fly off and we’re choking on salt water. Or being on the boat in Havasu with my beautiful tan family. Anything during summer pretty much. But I’ve known for a long time I’m always on my highest vibrations during summer- it always has and always will be apart of who I am. (I will live on an island someday)

Anyway- My point of all this is that I had lost touch of this feeling for some time and traveling just reminded me it existed. It’s what I had been craving for so long.

And I finally found it again in Italy.

Italy was sunny, warm and full of life; it reminded me of who I am. Someone who lives for the sunshine, heat and good music (especially live italian music.)

I’m getting way too ahead of myself, but as I sit on the long train ride through the countryside of Italy, I feel so much love and happiness in my soul.

I wish I could give a fat hug to all my loved ones back home and thank them for being apart of my happiness and remind them of the deep love I have for their existence in my life.

So many lessons being learned while abroad… can’t wait to share more.


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  1. I can totally relate to that feeling. The ‘Wow! I am living right now’ feeling. It’s magical and the reason we travel, to find new places that give us that feeling.
    Happy travels 🌟💖✌

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